About Me

My name is Sheng, also known as Comson. I love being creative


As a kid, I enjoyed taking things apart and taking pictures of random things. My mom was sure that I 

would either become an engineer or a photographer when I grow up. I guess she was half right. Now, 

I have a day job working as an embedded system engineer. I develop software to run on airplanes and 

medical devices. Sounds cool right? It definitely is. It gives me the opportunities to apply my creativity to 

solve real world problems. 


Despite being busy with work and other things in life, I manage to not abandon my interest in 

photography. To me, taking photos is also a very creative process. You have to constantly come up with 

new ways to compose your image and pose your model to create a refreshing image. After graduated 

from college, I picked up a Nikon D5100 with a set of lenses and began my photography journey. I watch 

a lot of lessons on Adorama’s YouTube channel and practice whenever I can. Thanks to my friends and family for being so supportive. I always have people volunteer to be my model and advertise my work for me. I really appreciate all the support from them! 


Thanks for visiting my website! Feel free to leave me a note if you have any comment or suggestion. 



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Adventure in the Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo

Beautiful animals from Phoenix Zoo. It is pretty difficult to take photos of the animals. They are even more unpredictable than little kids. Out of all the photos, I especially love the hummingbird shots. What do you guys think??

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